At any given moment, every one of your trillions of cells are in either growth or stress mode.

Science has proven that stress, or internal fear as it’s also known, is the primary source of virtually every problem we encounter — physical, spiritual, emotional and even circumstantial.

We literally have two mechanisms in our brains: one that turns on and virtually guarantees success, health and happiness; and the other that starts creating failure, depression and a myriad of health problems.

Cells in growth mode remain open and absorb nutrition, oxygen and energy.

The cell releases toxins and wastes, and it reproduces. It’s also impervious to disease.

The opposite occurs when a cell is in stress mode. The Cell becomes closed and fails to absorb nutrition and does not release the toxins and waste. It becomes both energy and oxygen deficient. Being in this state increases your chances of manifesting a disease gene.

When our cells are in stress mode, it can lead us towards craving things that sabotage our health.

Sugar, bad carbs and excessive junk foods all become predecessors towards major health issues. 

Cortisol, the “stress hormone,” regulates the changes that occur in response to stress. When cortisol levels are raised, it directly affects your metabolism, chemical and emotional balance.

 Fat becomes stored instead of converted to energy and motivation gets thrown out the window!


 Stress makes concentration difficult, dramatically decreases motivation and impairs memory, both short and long-term.

This makes every task more difficult, and therefore, our inclination is to avoid as many of those tasks as possible. When it comes to our Fitness regime, our motor skills and coordination become impaired, again making fitness harder and less enjoyable, all factors that can sabotage our workouts and overall health. 

 Our recovery time from exercise decreases, increasing the risk and frequency of injuries, and directly impacts our health and fitness goals.


It is easy to find ourselves overeating when we're feeling a lot of pressure.

This happens thanks to your fight or flight response, AKA survival mode. Fighting off wild animals, like our ancestors did, used up a lot of energy, so their bodies needed more stores of fat and glucose. 

 When we reach a certain stress level, our body does what it feels it needs to. In many cases, that means overeat. Why do we feel compelled to go nuts in the kitchen? It is because our body believes we have used extra calories to deal with our stress and we need to replenish them, even though we don’t. This is one of several reasons why we gain weight when we are stressed out.